Errors & Omissions Insurance Can Help Protect Wedding Photographers


Employees in every just about every field need to have insurance in order to protect themselves and their business. Even photographers need to have insurance in case they make a mistake. There is photographers errors & omissions insurance that will protect the photographer in case their pictures do not come out to the liking of their clients.

Professional liability services for photographers will help protect them if a mistake has been made. This insurance will help covered promised services that have not been completed. For example if a is developing pictures from a wedding and a fire breaks out in their studio the pictures can be lost. If the photos were not backed up the service has not be completed for their client. This insurance will protect the photographer from losing their business and any lawsuits that may be brought on by the unhappy clients.

Liability insurance for photographers will also protect them from carelessness or other mistakes. If the photos are over processed and the clients are not happy with the final results the photographer will be protected. If the photographer has accidently shot the photos in a different style than what the clients have requested they will also be protected. If a photographer forgot to include something specific in the photography that was requested by the client they will have protection from getting sued.

There are some specific things that the error and omissions insurance for photographers will cover. If the photographer has to conduct a reshoot this insurance can help with the scheduling costs as well as replace film that has been lost or damaged. If the photographer is taken to court this insurance can cover a judgment that may be ordered against the photographer or any settlements order by the court. This insurance will also cover legal fees for attorneys to help put a defense that the photographer is not liable for the claims that are being brought against them.

The errors and omissions insurance usually runs in $1 million increments. A photographer can get a deductible that ranges from as low as $1,000 to $25,000. The lower the deductible the higher the premium for the insurance will be. There are additional areas of coverage that can be purchased based on the activity of the business. This insurance is very important to have. Without this errors and omissions insurance a photographer can lose everything that they have worked for with just one mistake.